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I’m a guy looking for a girl. It’s a bit more complicated than that actually.

I mean, you don’t create an infomercial to find the woman of your dreams if all you need is any girl. If you’ve found this site, I bet you’re as fed up with online dating as I am.

Recently, when browsing eHarmony, I came across the following nugget which really sums up my frustration with online dating.

On the section, "Things I'm Grateful For...", a woman’s profile said, “I am thankful for my sexy body and my DDD girlies, and my ability to get wet is like no other.”

Now I realize that this is a big world and there’s someone for everyone but are there a lot of guys out there who see this on a relationships-oriented site and say, “Shit. Yeah. She’s the one.”

There was also the woman on OK Cupid who wrote, under the section that she was good at “Making guys realize they aren't as clever as they thought.” Is this a service a lot of folks are looking for? Are there a lack of people who will tell you’re not quite as good as you think? It’s not been my experience.

I’m reminded of the great comic, Patton Oswalt, who upon describing his joy of being married, also admitted that he missed dating because “Dating is a fun nightmare…it’s a nightmare and there’s boners involved.”

The bottom line is…

…dates are easy to come by but real chemistry isn’t.

Dates are easy to come by. Hop on match.com or craigslist and chances are, your weekend will be filled up.

I wasn’t going through this much work to get a date or meet a woman. I was doing this to meet one woman.

I’ve been on so many dates that I can only guess at how many. Often times, I had two dates in a weekend with two different women. A few weekends, there were three different women lined up.

The problem was that none of these women were the one I was looking for. Most women I went out with were very nice. Some were really cool. Some I was interested in. Others weren’t interested in me.

And as glamorous as my dating life seems to my married or attached friends, it really isn’t. Every date starts with the same optimism and hope. I always expect to find a woman who blows my socks off and whose socks are equally as affected.

I’ve come close. Had some really wonderful dates. Had some relationships. But I’m still single. Still looking for the woman to spend the rest of my life with.

The Gamble…

I’m not a gambler. I don’t play the ponies. I don’t like Vegas. But there’s one area of my life where I’ve always been willing to bet it all on a long, long shot. And that’s in love.

I have no proof that this site or my infomercial will introduce me to the incredible woman of my dreams. And if the number of dates I’ve been on proves anything, it’s that there’s no guarantee to a successful conclusion to any single person’s dreams.

But still, I’m always willing to step up to the roulette table of love and bet it all on lucky 13.

At this point, you’re probably wondering…

…if he’s so wonderful, why is he still single?

To answer this question, I ask a question.

How many of your friends are in great relationships?




I’d say you’re pushing it if you can count on more than hand the number of folks you know who are in great relationships.

Most people settle. So terrified of the loneliness and uncertainty that accompanies sticking to your romantic ideals, most people find someone with compatible parts and try to shoehorn each other into their visions of the person they should really be with.

That’s not me. And I suspect that if you’re reading this far, it’s not you either.

I also suspect that you know what kind of man you want and you’re not willing to settle for someone who doesn’t live up to that.

Am I that person?

I don’t know if I can say for certain but I can tell who I am so you can answer this for yourself.

I’m 32 years old. In my short time on this earth, I’ve founded two businesses, written a few screenplays, shot some short films and have been blessed with an incredible life.

I have the most awesome group of friends anyone could ask for. I live next to Balboa Park, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. I’m in San Diego. Life really doesn’t suck.

I am passionate about everything I do. I get bored very easily. I can speak four languages. I perform improv comedy.

Those are cool achievements and all but let me tell you about how I am. I listen a lot. I try to be a cheerleader for everyone in my life. I always treat people like I want to be treated. I smile a lot. I laugh a big booming laugh. And my voice carries.

In other words, I’m not average. Someone who describes herself as a “nice girl looking for a nice guy”, probably would have no idea what to do with me.

Who I’m Looking For…

Now that you’ve seen my video and I’ve told you about myself, let me tell you about who I’m looking for.

I’m looking for a woman around my own age, give or take a few years. I want someone who leaves me little voicemails in the morning. Someone who brightens up my day the minute she walks into the room.

I’m looking for a whip-smart woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Someone whose passion is impossible to miss. A woman who is ever curious about the world and her surroundings.

As for physical appearance, I don’t really have a type. I’d really prefer someone who’s active, somewhat athletic. Preferably no smokers.

The woman I’m looking for should value her mind and her ability to make sense of the world. In my opinion, drugs really don’t help toward that end so I’d prefer someone who wasn’t using any type of drugs.

A few years down the road, I’d like to start a family so I’d prefer a woman without kids.

In a few words, I want a woman worth waiting all this time for. I know I’m close. And if you’re reading this far, maybe you’re her.

If you think you are, please click the button below me.

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